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You’re lying in bed fast asleep, until you hear a knock at your window. You wake up, contemplating on whether or not the sound was just your imagination, until you hear it again. Confused, you blankly stare at your window, wondering how the hell anyone could reach the second floor windows. After a few minutes of silence, you assume that it was just a couple of neighborhood kids throwing rocks at your window to scare you, or maybe just annoy you. You lay back down into your bed, and rest your head on your pillow. As you shut your eyes, hoping to fall back asleep, you hear the knock again.

Annoyed, you sit up immediately and peer at your window, expecting to see a rock hit the glass. That’s when you hear the knock once again. Except this time, you realize that it wasn’t coming from your window. Hesitantly, you get out of your bed and walk towards the door. You open your door, only to see that there was nothing there. A louder and harder knock is heard from downstairs. At this point, you’re now fully awake mind is confused and frustrated at what is happening so late at night.

You go downstairs and check every window and door only to find absolutely nothing. After waiting for about ten minutes to hear another knock, you walk back upstairs to finally get some rest. Upon entering your room, you notice that your window was open, allowing a cool breeze to flow throughout the room. You stop dead in your tracks,wondering what is happening, and how the window opened, until you hear one final, light knock on the wall behind you.

You turn around, only to become face to face with me.

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