A Slender Poem

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The day was done and the sun had set,

So I choose to rest what my thoughts would let.

Close the windows, turn out the lights,

And under the blankets for all the night.

Soon a peaceful sleep had come,

Until a sound much like a drum,

Had awoken me much too fast,

Before my dreams had yet to pass.

In the darkness I looked around,

When in the corner I had found,

The shape of a man, tall and thin,

In a suit of black, with a voice of pins.

I cannot recall as to what he said,

And lucky though I am not dead,

I am plagued by that face so pale, so gaunt,

As in my mind it shall forever haunt.

When he returns I will disappear,

The way fog does in a mirror.

So heed my tale and learn to fear,

For the Slender Man is always near.

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